Popular Wisdom

by Weird Pennies (of Raleigh)

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Triple single!! Available on limited run handmade cassettes.


released October 2, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Kris Hilbert and Weird Pennies at LGT BIZ.
All songs written by Weird Pennies (of Raleigh).




all rights reserved


Weird Pennies (of Raleigh) Raleigh, North Carolina

We planted pop seeds into bizarre rock soil and let the fruits rot.

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Track Name: Popular Wisdom
Popular wisdom is a pain in the gut. Everyone else knew; they were watching my constantly give a heads up instead of watching my step. Popular wisdom has gotten me tripping hard.

I have been here before and seen all of it twice.
Just a nervous bird singing "Wave of Mutilation".
You're all nodding your heads, but it's news to me.
Who could blame a guy for being frustrated?

I have dreams where I drown in a natural force and then land a job
haunting all my choices.
Luckily I don't believe in ghosts and I've always been such a strong swimmer.

You fooled them all as much as they're calling out your name.
Track Name: Freak Out
You don't have to freak out!!
Patience, logic, then grace.
Everything can be perfect given proper time and space.

Again, you could use a little finesse.
These constant thoughts make no difference.
You made it into the room!
You said "Hey man! What's up? How are you?"
Remember that you don't have to freak out.
Track Name: Jeffries Ridge
You stuck two hands in the fire and thought you would bat
your pretty little eyes for rain. How pathetic.

My hat's off to the asshole who thought that he'd help
himself too much. I should roll my eyes and my bad thoughts
until they are swallowed up.

As soon as it's dark I take a walk crawling foot over for 'til I reach
the bright edge of Jeffries Ridge with the 18 two minutes behind.
I am swimming so slow through the cosmos' twitch.
I'm puking up the galaxy's brine.